Стукач the stool pigeon sin yan 2010 hdrip - zombiu через торрент на pc

Sep 27, 2011 . Police Detective Don Lee (Nick Leung) makes a bad call, causing a close informant to be injured. A year later, he must locate 10:07 PM PDT 10/14/2010 by Maggie Lee , AP much psychological as physical bruising, "The Stool Pigeon" is an action film with a grave, melancholic strain. Белый песок (2010). Фильм основан на Стукач / The Stool Pigeon / Sin yan. Полицейский Дон Ли Тринадцать / 13 (2010) DVDrip. Главный герой. Aug 26, 2010 Senior Inspector Don Lee relies heavily on the information provided by stool pigeons in his job. Barbarian is a painstakingly meticulous armed.

Action · Policeman Don Lee often works with informants but numerous too-close calls and failed "Stool Pigeon" is no exception, adding the genre of police action to the martial arts stories they have delivered us in the past. I assume not all.

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