Epollet android - долина заплутавшее счастье минусовка

EPOLLET Sets the Edge Triggered behavior for the associated file descriptor. The default behavior for epoll is Level Triggered. See epoll(7) for more detailed. If the rfd file descriptor has been added to the epoll interface using the EPOLLET (edge-triggered) flag, the call to epoll_wait(2) done in step 5 will probably hang. #define EPOLLET EPOLLET. }; / Valid opcodes ( "op" parameter ) to issue to epoll_ctl(). /. #define EPOLL_CTL_ADD 1 / Add a file decriptor to the interface.

EPOLLET is edge-triggered mode, which means it will only notify you of state Geographic Information Systems · Electrical Engineering · Android Enthusiasts · Information Security · Database Administrators · Drupal Answers. One-shot level -triggered epoll(): Does EPOLLONESHOT imply EPOLLET? dependant package with key emulator not found while updating android SDK. Epoll.register(file, select.EPOLLIN select.EPOLLET) #register poll method and triggered events while True: events = epoll.poll() #this line reads.

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